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LET'S BOMB THIS CHERRY ALL OVER THE WORLD - member of Corpses Anonymous — LiveJournal
As you all know, Rupert Grint filmed an indie thriller/drama Cherrybomb last year; but the film hasn't been released yet. IceCreamMan site have received word from the Cherrybomb production team, The Little Film Company that there's been a problem with securing a distribution deal, because the old dudes who run distribution companies think that there isn't enough interest in Cherrybomb. So, The Little Company asked for our help!
We need to prove these old dudes they are wrong!

Thus a campaign has been launched in order to ensure the widest possible cinematic release for Cherrybomb. Here's how you can get involved: IceCreamMan(and they are not asking for any credict) has composed a petition and they need your signature to show that, if given the opportunity, you would actually go and see this film!

There are six separate petitions targeting the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil. If your country is currently not on the list, please sign the petition for the country nearest to you (for example, if you're from Argentina, sign the Brazilian petition); have no worries, they will be adding more petitions in different languages soon, but it is important that we collect as many signatures as possible before the Cannes Film Festival screening of Cherrybomb (14 May).

Please sign this petition to bring Cherrybomb to a theatre near you, and invite your friends, fellow Rupert fans to sign it too! Also, spread the word about the petition: if you are involved with any of these: Rupert and HP sites, communities, forums; celebrity and gossip sites, movie sites etc. -- please post these links there!
Post the links in your LiveJournal, Insane Journal, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, any other social page you have!

Here are the links to the petitions:

US: www.petitiononline.com/cherry09/petition.html
UK: www.petitiononline.com/cherry10/petition.html
Germany: www.petitiononline.com/cherry12/petition.html
Italy: www.petitiononline.com/cherry16/petition.html

You can also join the Cherrybomb official Facebook group, set up by The Little Film Company:

Note: When you sign the petition, you can leave a comment. It is not compulsory, but it would be great to state why you think this film deserves a wide release, and why you would love to see it.

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From: mabel2903 Date: May 12th, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC) (Link)


i would love sign these petition, but you are very rude with Emma in your comments on ondt...you and the "people" from icm.... i've never understood why people "hate" her because there is no reason to. i think she's smart, beautiful and i really adore her as hermione. movies can't always be exact copies of the books and characters, and i think the reason of hating her has hermione has worn off.
Fine you prefer Rupert's acting, but that's your opinion. There was no need for the eyebrows or negative comments.
hunter_graphics From: hunter_graphics Date: May 15th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hater

WTF does me disliking Emma have to do with this? I bet your the same person that joined the ew.forums just so you could post comments of the ICM forums there and moan about it. Stay away. I'm not interested in what you think of me.
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